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ClubLink Operations Update

05 JUN 2020

We would like to acknowledge and thank you for your tremendous support and cooperation with respect to our new Standard Operating Procedures. Our Clubs have had several inspections from provincial agencies, all of which have been extremely positive. This would not have been possible without your commitment to following the new procedures. Your continued support will ensure positive results and help to ensure we have an uninterrupted season of golf.

To the many Members who have reached out through email with kind words about the efforts of our staff, we thank you. We are also grateful for the constructive feedback and suggestions you’ve provided. This helps us to improve and we can always be better.

That said, as we become more comfortable at the golf course, we still need to be aware of social distancing and avoid gathering in groups. We also need to remember to wash hands and use hand sanitizer when we contact common touch points. If you see anything you feel is unsafe or see something we could improve upon, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

It’s been a much busier start to the season than normal in Ontario and Quebec, with unprecedented demand for tee times. During this unusually hectic time, we are doing our very best to accommodate as many Members as possible while remaining safe and responsible. Our understanding is that almost every golf club in Ontario and Quebec is experiencing the same high level of demand. To provide more tee time inventory, we are looking at opening our tee sheets earlier and staying open later. We are also considering reducing our tee time intervals during certain timeframes and at certain locations. We appreciate the patience you’ve shown with respect to the added pressure on our tee sheets.

We are currently preparing for Phase Two which we hope will include the availability of additional amenities and services. This will require additional collaboration and guidance from provincial officials about what can be offered prior to finalizing our Phase Two SOP. Regardless of the Government’s directives, our philosophy will be to move ahead slowly so we can continue to operate safely and remain open in the coming months.

In the meantime, we have made a few changes to our Phase One SOP by adding Member access to practice facilities on a pre-booked basis, and many clubs have increased their menu selection slightly. We will continue to do so as everyone becomes more comfortable with the SOP. We are committed to providing the best experience possible under the circumstances and in a responsible manner.

Finally, I have a kind request of everyone to refrain from bringing outside alcohol onto our properties. We have noticed some empties of brands that we do not sell, and this could put our alcohol license in jeopardy. If you could kindly resist the temptation to bring outside alcohol onto our property it would be greatly appreciated.

We wish everyone well and we hope that your families are safe and sound.

Thank you,


John Finlayson
Chief Operating Officer