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10 AUG 2020

Do you follow ClubLink on social media? If you do then you’ve probably seen a few of these faces a little more frequently than others. Who are these lucky people who seem to play golf every day? How do they find the time and what’s their posting motivation? These questions have some interesting answers that might just convince you to make your game more social too.


Gabe Gallucci (GG) (@gabegalluccigolf) - Cherry Downs Golf Club Member

CL: Do you listen to music on the course when you play?

GG: I go back and forth on this! Sometimes music is amazing to lighten the mood, but sometimes you need that laser focus so the peace and quiet is necessary. I think it’s a game time decision based on what vibe you’re going for during the round.  

Now if the tunes are rocking, I’m a fan of all music but I find country music seems to work really well on the golf course! 

CL: What got you into golf and how long have you been playing?

GG: My grandmother gave me her set of clubs when I was 8 years old and I’ve been hooked on golf ever since. I took a break from the game from 2009 - 2015 as I was building my music career but for the past 5 years it’s been amazing to be back and playing as much as I can.

CL: Play against others or just yourself?

GG: Both! What I love about golf is how much it exposes who you really are, how you handle things and how you deal with adversity. Playing against yourself is always a great test of character and when you unlock new aspects of your game it kind of mirrors big personal breakthroughs. Playing against others is great too because competition can really battle test your game under pressure. The way you approach shots changes when you’re not alone out there.

CL: Does using social media enhance the game for you?

GG: 100% enhancement for me. The amount of awesome people I have met through posting about golf on social media has been incredible. 

CL: What are your top golf accounts to follow on social?

GG: I’d say my favourite golf accounts are the top level swing coaches who are really open about sharing tips. I’ve never had a lesson and growing up the only way I learned about how to play was through watching the Golf Channel. Now with social media it’s all that learning capability on steroids! You have so many credible resources sharing their knowledge, it’s amazing all the things you can pick up! 

CL:  Do you have a favourite ClubLink course?

GG: This one’s tough. Cherry Downs is my home course; it’s one of my favourite spots and a true test of golf. I am 100% a better player because of being there. But, my favourite course has got to be Wyndance. Nothing can beat a twilight round there. My favourite hole is #18, that huge tee shot over the quarry and then as you stand on the green you get this amazing view of the whole landscape, it’s awesome!

CL: Golf and social media are not traditionally linked, but with more young players than ever getting into the sport and heading for the green, what role can social media play to evolve the game?

GG: For one, I think community is a huge evolution of golf social media. Golf historically is a bit of an uptight sport that was very one track minded and if you weren’t part of the “club” there wasn’t a spot for you. That messaging turned a lot of people away from trying the game out. What I think social brings to the table is it showcases that so many people love this game and that regardless of skill level there’s a place for you in the golf community. You’re seeing golfers of all kinds sharing their stories, experiences, progress and amazing shots every day, it’s hard not to fall in love with it all. I’m excited to see where golf goes in the next 10 years because of this.


Michael Pike of Play Well Golf Collective (PW) (@playwellgolf) - Blue Springs Golf Club Member

CL: What got you into golf and how long have you been playing?

PW: Can’t remember why I picked up a club, but around the age of 6 I started wacking ‘em around and haven’t stopped since.

CL: What tunes are you rocking out to on the course?
PW: I think music on the course is a great way to loosen up and enjoy your day, the Glorious Sons are always on my playlist. 

CL: Play against others or just yourself?

PW: Friendly competition is always a great way to bring out a little more game in ourselves that we may not have known we had! However, it’s also important we learn how to play without a scorecard sometimes. Lately I’ve been doing more of the second option. 


CL: Does using social media enhance the game for you?

PW: Social media connects us, and when used correctly can bring golfers together. I think sharing great shots of our favourite course or a new low score is an awesome way to #growthegame. Social media has allowed me to start Play Well Golf Collective, which is a community for everyone and anyone to be a part of golf. I am hopeful the Play Well community can grow to hold events and connect people.

CL: What are your top golf accounts to follow on social?

PW: Random Golf Club has been a huge inspiration, and a great initiative to get more people enjoying this game. Like RGC, Play Well Golf Collective is all about bringing people together through the game. 

CL:  Do you have a favourite ClubLink course?

PW: The Mark O’Meara Course at Grandview may be my favourite so far, but I may be biased because I play well there. However, the downhill tee shot on the Par-3, 17th hole at Blue Springs Golf Club is always an exciting one. 

CL: What role do you think social media plays in evolving the game?

PW: I think it is crucial now more than ever to take this opportunity to bring a new generation of golfers to the first tee. The course does not discriminate who it hands out bogeys to, so we shouldn’t discriminate who is welcome to try it. 

Social media is showing just how cool this sport is becoming, let’s keep moving in the right direction. Share your stuff online, and help bring new golfers to the green. 


Chris Faria of Shred 18 (S18) (@shred_18), National Pines Golf Club Member

CL: Do you listen to music on the course?

S18: We generally don’t listen to music unless it’s a fun twilight/afternoon round. In the morning rounds we like it quiet and focused.

CL: What brought you into the game?  

S18: To be honest in 2014 my wife and I played some mini putt at Canada’s Wonderland and she beat me on the 18th hole. The next week I bought a set of clubs. The following year I joined ClubLink and was hooked.

CL: Play against others or just yourself?

S18: I like to play in matches. It keeps me focused and makes shots and putts more important, but I love just playing to beat myself and improve my game.

CL: Does using social media enhance the game for you?

S18: Social media has definitely played a factor in golf for me because I’ve been able to meet so many good people. Through the ClubLink page I’ve met a lot of great people who I’ve become friends with.

CL:  What is your favourite ClubLink track?

S18: Favourite course to play would definitely be National Pines. I love the Pines. Favourite hole might be 11. I love how it looks when the sun hits the water and that high vantage point from the tee.

CL:  What role do you think social media can play to modernize the game?

S18: Social media will definitely help with connecting golfers, encouraging people to play, as well as providing instructional videos for people new to the game. On @shred_18, we are just out here trying to spread positivity and grow the game!