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15 SEP 2023

The autumn aeration season, in preparation for winter, is well under way. This week, we aerated the tee boxes at Le Maître. This will be followed by sand application and seeding. La Bête will follow in the next few days. After that, the fairways will also benefit from this cultural practice. We will just be adding seed to the weaker areas. The choice of topdress soil for these areas will depend on the type of native soil. A sandier option to percolate water into the soil and improve drainage in wetter areas, or a more organic type that will retain more water in areas that tend to dry out more quickly.

aération_depart.jpg (4032×3024)

The teams continue to improve the courses in many small ways. Whether it's laying turf, paving the water fountain surround at N013 at Le Maitre side or landscaping in front of the washrooms at N015. Sodding on both courses has helped to replenish some damaged areas, and enrichment with topsoil and seed will continue the courses in the coming days to take advantage of this last stretch of growing weather.

abreuvoir_13.jpg (4032×3024)

Autumn is ideal for grass seeding, as it brings with it a mixture of warm soil and cool air, ideal for seeding grass and providing sufficient time for the roots of the new grass to develop before winter arrives. It's also a good time to fertilize and encourage the development of stronger, deeper roots for winter, resulting in a greener, denser lawn next spring.


Upcoming maintenance

- Application of fungicide against cold-weather diseases

- Aeration tee decks at la Bête / Fairways at Le Maître

- Seeding of weaker areas

- Starting tee deck N012 du Maître


Marc-André Doré,

Course Superintendent