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25 AUG 2023

It was a very pleasant working week with the two crews. Temperatures were a little cooler, less humid and with many hours of sunshine, giving a sense of normalcy to our turf operations. Our objectives for the week were successfully accomplished!

The full-tine aeration of the greens at Le Maître and La Bête continues. We alternate one course per week, as the operation requires two mornings.

We've also finished applying dollar spot fungicide to all bentgrass surfaces (greens, tees, fairways).  We can see the presence of small yellow spots on the lawn (between 2 and 12 cm) and round (coin-shaped). Early in the day, you can see what look like spider webs on the lawn. This small web is called mycelium.

dollar.jpg (1680×960)

mycélium.jpg (850×637)

Favorable conditions for the fungus: temperatures between 21 and 27°C and high humidity. Heavy dew also favors the development of this fungus.

Next week, we'll be starting to aerate the tees on both courses. Fairway aeration will follow. We're already thinking about preparing our turf for winter, which will come as quickly as summer has gone by.

We're also going to finish seeding the weak areas in the tall grass and cutting several dangerous or problematic trees on the course. A lot of wood should be cut over the next few weeks. With the cooler temperatures, this work is much more pleasant to carry out.

I'd like to take two minutes to thank our young project team, who completed their work this season. Lots of small jobs that were very appreciated by the members and made a big difference tot eh look of the course. A great first experience. Hope to see you again next summer.

5947.jpeg (1286×724) 5946.jpeg (1286×724)


Upcoming maintenance

- Aeration of the tees

- Topdressing on greens

- Cutting trees and shrubs on both courses


Marc-André Doré,

Course Superintendant