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04 AUG 2023

We're already into the second half of the golf season. I remember my first course newsletter of the year. I announced the start of work for my maintenance crews. In all honesty, I didn't see the time go by. With objectives set at the start of the winter, we were able to carry out projects large and small. I'm extremely proud and grateful of the work done by the teams on both courses. The challenges are different, but the aim is the same: to give you the best possible golfing conditions. A big hand to all those hard workers who wake up before sunrise to offer you the best every day. Because they're the ones who prepare your course, day after day. As for me, I'm just the conductor. Without anyone to blow the flute or bang the drum, I can't do a thing. I hope you enjoy the course as much as we enjoy maintaining it.

On another note, it's been a busy week on both courses. At La Bête, we applied sand to the tee boxes to tackle the thick felt which is very present. The edging of the sand traps was completed. In a few days' time, we'll be able to plank the more problematic edges and redo the contour before adding more sand.

On the Le Maitre side, core aeration of the weaker areas of the fairways is well underway. We're going to top up these areas with slightly richer topsoil, followed by seeding. These areas will be surrounded by small stakes. Please bypass these areas while the bentgrass germinates. Other areas will also be reseeded with Kentucky bluegrass seed.

For the project team's work, our young workers went through all the fairways to repair the divots. They also began a small clean-up of hole N015, on the right-hand side of the landing area. This area of fine fescue needed to be cut back and worked. The vegetation had become too dense for a ball to be retrieved. A herbicide will be applied later in areas like this to restore the fescue of the course..


Upcoming maintenance

- Reshape sand traps (La Bête);

- Fairway repairs (Le Maitre);

- Fertilization of all bentgrass surfaces;

- Complete surrounding area around water dispenser between #11 and #13 (Le Maitre)


Marc-André Doré,

Course Superintendent