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28 JUL 2023

Drainage work at Le Maître on hole No 5-8 is now complete. There will be no more temporary greens or advanced tees. You'll be able to enjoy a complete course and a new forward tee on hole No 5.  I'm very happy with the work that's been done, and the course will benefit from it.  You will have also noticed that two problematic sand traps on No 8 have been closed to make way for grassed obstacles. The first bunker on hole No5 on the left of the new advanced tee has been reduced and reshaped, we will now redefine a new fairway line to make the first part of that fairway flow better with the new advanced tee.

nmp.jpg (4032×3024)

On the La Bête course, we're going to be doing a lot of cultural practices on our greens. Solid-tine aeration to improve water penetration and give oxygen to the roots. A light topdressing will also be applied. We'll be doing this every week from now until the end of the season. No aeration with extraction will be done on the greens. The same practices will also be carried out at Le Maître. In addition, we have begun the battle to reduce the amount of thatch on our tees. The addition of a good quantity of sand to reduce our organic matter, which is very present and problematic, will be done assiduously in the coming weeks.

aération_vert.jpg (4032×3024)


With pleasure,


Marc-André Doré

Range Superintendent


Cultural practices to come

- Topdress and solid-tine aeration 

- Continue work on sand traps

- Topdress on tee boxes

- Improvement of tee boxes N015 Gold and N018 White (Le Maître)