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21 NOV 2019

With Mike Babcock being shown the door from Phoenix this week, there has been a lot of chatter around the notion that he “lost the room”. Not many outside of that room will truly know the answer, but likely to some degree he did. Age gap maybe? Too inflexible with the younger generation? Clashes with the general manager? Far be it from us to tread too hard on this broken glass that Toronto and Canadian media have been covering so extensively. But there is a golf angle here.

It comes down to successful coaching. And that boils down, ultimately, to the student, and the advancement of that student.

Yes, in the Maple Leaf scenario the student(s) just so happen to be multimillionaire pro-athletes. But make no mistake, their coach is coaching them and is held responsible for their performance. They may be household names, but they are the students here.

Same goes for you and for your relationship with your golf instructor. By the way, if you haven’t taken a lesson in a while, or ever, do it. It will help. But remember, it’s about you.

“Losing the room” can represent a whole bunch of things but it simply means the something isn’t working between the teacher and the student. Styles of instructors or learning habits of each individual. Auditory or visual? Left brain right brain? This stuff needs to line up.

So take a lesson or two. Discover how your swing feels and what position it is in – guaranteed you will learn. Of course, applying that knowledge and disciplined practice will ultimately be required but that hard work is for another day. For now, just consider exploring what you want to learn about your swing and what instructor may be best to help you. It’ll be fun – at least until all the practice!

With the snow on the ground and a few months on your hands, take advantage of our extensive indoor training opportunities at both Rolling Hills in Stouffville and at Glen Abbey in Oakville. To enquire about winter options, you can contact Ben at or connect with the Glen Abbey academy through