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There's reason to celebrate at Le Maitre

10 SEP 2020


After a devastating fire in 2017 which destroyed the beautiful timber clubhouse, there are happier days are ahead! To the delight of staff and members alike, the rebuilt clubhouse at Le Maitre Golf Club in Mont Tremblant opened on Friday, September 4, 2020.

The new clubhouse was built on the repaired foundation of the old structure but in some respects is better than it was before. "The number one positive with the new clubhouse is the increase in the interior food and beverage seating capacity. Not only did we double our capacity from 64 to 128 but the service areas are divided in three distinct spaces; dining room, gazebo, and bar," said Le Maitre's Director of Operations, Erik Laframboise.

The new design allows for different dining settings within the clubhouse and more open areas to host bigger groups.

Thankfully, the larger design hasn't sacrificed the amazing views. "We still have the balcony overlooking the 9th and 18th greens and the waterfall and we’ve have added a new back patio with a fire pit located between the clubhouse and the pool also looking down on the course," said Laframboise. 

While keeping some of the original charm of the clubhouse, Architect Louise Bouré, took the opportunity to design a more contemporary cottage look. The finished product is beautiful and welcoming.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new clubhouse at Le Maitre!


Views of the dining room  

Take a seat at the bar 

Chef preparing dinner service

Evening reflections of the new clubhouse