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16 JUN 2023

Congratulations to our members who qualified for the Montreal District Interclubs :

Ladies :

  1. Kathy Wong (2022 Club Champion)
  2. Chantal Gendron
  3. Diana Harvey
  4. Julie Lessard
  5. Sylvie Provencal
  6. Sylvie Desroches
  7. Diane Gauthier (alterne)
  8. Kimberly Cosgrove (alterne)

The competition is July 3rd at La Bête

Men :

  1. Nick Galbraith (2022 Club Champion)
  2. Dan Veilleux
  3. Andrew Harvie
  4. Jean-Jacques Gagné
  5. Michel Sicotte
  6. Jean-Daniel Debkoski
  7. Roger Lavictoire
  8. Jean-Pierre Provencal
  9. Guy Ouimet
  10. Luc Brazeau
  11. Christian Boulet (alternate)
  12. Gerry Benard (alternate)

The competition is at Ormstown July 9th

Congrats to our members who qualified for the ClubLink Interclub Team!

Ladies :

  • Chantal Gendron
  • Diana Harvey
  • Sylvie Provencal
  • Diane Perrier (Ladies Captain)
  • Christine Cheng (alternate)

Men :

  • Marc-André Poulin
  • Jean-Daniel Debkoski
  • Mike Robertson
  • Jean-Jacques Gagné
  • Dan Veilleux (alternate)
  • Michel Sicotte (alternate)

The team will compete with Le Maitre club Captain Serge Le Blanc and one of our pros VS the other ClubLink Ottawa-Mtl clubs July 25th at Islemere, Aug. 15th at Eagle Creek and in Toronto for the finals in October.

temps_de_jeu.jpg (6000×4000) 

Pace of play

Member survey results show that one of the most important aspects of your golfing experience is pace of play. At Le Maître, a nice enjoyable round for 4 players should take about 4 hours 15 minutes, which includes a couple minutes stop at the 9 ½. Many players have the ability to play in 3 hours 45 minutes, but we don't expect all groups to be able to follow this pace. You might say that we're at the golf course to relax, have a good time with friends and get some exercise in the sun, so why rush!? Because nobody enjoys waiting to hit every shot and spending 5 hours on the golf course, and if everyone in the group is aware of the objective, it should be a pleasure to get around the course in 4 hours.

If your group is having trouble completing a round in acceptable time, here are a few tips to help you pick up the pace:

  • Make an effort to move faster and walk faster between shots - golf is a sport!
  • Pay attention to the players in your group so you're ready to play when it's your turn - there's no need to finish your conversation, you'll have lots of time as you walk or ride to your ball.
  • Decide on the 1st tee to play "ready golf" - you hit when you're ready!
  • Don't throw grass in the air 5 times to see if the wind is shifting, whatever direction it's coming from, take an extra club, it's rarely a mistake
  • Don't think golf is played like the pros you watch on TV every weekend. They play for their livelihood and each shot is worth several thousand dollars - and by the way, there is rarely a round on the PGA Tour that's played in less than 5 hours (in twosomes!)
  • If you imitate Patrick Cantley's routine before every shot, you won't finish the round before dark.

    It shouldn't be necessary to have a marshall on the course to ask our members to pick up the pace, it's just a matter of being aware of where the group in front of you is and keeping pace with them. Thank you for your support.

    Play well!