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La Bête

04 AUG 2023

Congratulations to our Senior interclub team. They took on some tough opponents last Tuesday at the Domaine Rouville golf club.
The team, made up of several rookies, came away in last place, but very motivated and excited at the prospect of competing next year with a team that has gained a lot of experience from taking part in this event.

bete_equipe.jpeg (1600×1200)

In order from left to right:
Pierre Jasmin- Michel Bourgeois- Guy Lapierre-Jacques Goulet- Richard Roy- Jacques Bérubé- Neil Schacter- Sylvain Cloutier- Robert Raymond- Richard Deschênes (Erik Laframboise)


The construction vacation promotion has been so popular with our members and their guests that we're extending it!
From Sunday August 6 to Friday August 11, 2023.
Twilight rate from 1:00 p.m.
58 + taxes cart included