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08 SEP 2023

After highlighting the cooler weather that seemed to be settling in quietly last week, a period of heat hits Quebec to give us the summer we didn't have. Once again, we had to revise our game plan due to this weather. Aeration was planned for the course, but I didn't want to stress the turf. We decided to take the time to do things right and take care of keeping the turf at its best. Watering the sod was essential for its survival and root growth. Many areas were seeded, and we always had to keep the soil moist.

Irrigation.jpg (4032×3024)

The irrigation system hasn’t really been working since mid-July. Restarting this important tool was not without its problems. A few broken connections and sprinklers were found, but nothing major. So general maintenance has been carried out, without the projects set out in last week’s objectives. We'll be able to go back to the plan we'd drawn up next week, namely the aeration of the tees and fairways and the start of the advanced tee at N012.

By the way, I hope you enjoyed the experience of the advanced tee on hole N05. Please don't hesitate to send me your comments. They're very constructive and give me another perspective.


Upcoming maintenance

- Start of aeration with core removal (Tees / Fairways)

- Soil and seed enrichment on bunker edges

- Construction of forward tee on N012


Marc-André Doré,

Course Superintendent