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18 AUG 2023

It's been a great week, full of various small projects, and we've managed to achieve the goals we set ourselves. It's incredible to see that with so much rain, the playing surfaces on our courses are still quite good. Excessive humidity often creates its own set of challenges.

Disease outbreaks, loss of root and foliar density, and turf scalping are just some of the consequences of excessive water. Over 190 millimeters of rain in July, and we're already 90 millimeters now in mid-August.

eau_sur_vert.jpg (4032×3024)

To assist our putting surfaces with all this water, we aerated our greens on both courses with full tines to aerify, lightly decompact, and provide the roots with a little air. This will now be done weekly. These are small ¼” holes that are barely visible which will have no impact on your putts.

Aération.jpg (4032×3024)

La Bête's maintenance team has started to reshape and edge a few problematic bunkers. In the next few days, we'll be adding soil and sod in these areas.


Forme_trappe.jpg (4032×3024)

The big clean-up of the water features continued with the No. 1 and No. 3 lakes. The young project team chopped down all the little bushes and weeds surrounding our irrigation basin. Lots of little projects that help us improve.

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day after day."

Leo Rober Collier

lac_13.jpg (4032×3024)

Upcoming maintenance

- Laying sod;

- Full-tine aeration on greens;

- Cart path maintenance.


Marc-André Doré,

Course Superintendant