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30 JUN 2023

Cultural practices on a golf course are essential for good turf conditions. It's very important to be diligent and work on our soil and plant to maximize turf health. We've already aerated our greens with aeration. We continue to do light topdressing every week to ensure good ball roll and proper thatch management. At the moment, the grounds crew is doing some vertical mowing on the fairways at Le Maître. We've already started and will continue over the next few days. Then it's off to do the same work on the tee boxes, once completed we will move over to La Bête to repeat the same process.

verticut_1.jpg (4032×3024)

verticut_2.jpg (4032×3024)


Work on the traps is well underway. Our team has started repairing the drains. Once located and cleared, we'll check their condition, repair and clean the pipes. We'll re-install them at the right depth and add draining sand to complete the operation.  This process will allow us to improve the playability of some problematic traps, improving drainage will help move water out of the traps and provide better playing conditions after rain and heavy downpours.

drain_fosse_de_sable.png (2573×1448)

As for our special projects team (students), they completed last week the edging, cleaning and weeding of the range matt tee deck.  They moved on to bunker edging and weeding afterwards.  New sand top up will be done once all these steps are completed.  


équipe_de_projet.jpg (4032×3024)


Upcoming maintenance


- Fertilization of greens, fairways and tees;

- Topdressing on greens;

- Continue work on bunkers;

- Vertical mowing.


Marc-André Doré

Course Superintendent