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25 AUG 2023

Registration is now open for many events in September…

Titleist fitting day: Saturday, August 26 (contact the proshop for reservations)

TaylorMade fitting day: Friday, Sept. 1 (contact the proshop for reservations)

Callaway fitting day: Saturday, Sept. 9 (contact the proshop for reservations)

September 15 Couples League: Click here for event details and registration

Solheim – Ladies event Sept. 17th : click here for details and registration

Results :

Men's Member-Guest Tournament

The Men's Member-Guest Tournament was a great success! The day started with a par-3 shootout, with all the toughest pins which was much appreciated by the players! After lunch, participants teed off for 18 holes with their guests, and the magnificent day ended with a delicious meal, featuring the menu chosen by Scottie Scheffler for this year's Masters Champions Dinner! Don't miss it next year! Click here for results


 6290.jpeg (4032×3024) 6303.jpeg (4032×3024)

6292.jpeg (4032×3024) 6294.jpeg (4032×3024)

6295.jpeg (4032×3024) 6297.jpeg (4032×3024)

6299.jpeg (4032×3024) 6300.jpeg (4032×3024)

6301.jpeg (4032×3024) 6302.jpeg (4032×3024)


Summer tournament at La Bête

60 members in teams of 2 braved the weather last Saturday at La Bête. The two-person "vegas" formula was very interesting, and everyone loved the course's playing conditions! Take a look at the winners: Click here for all the results