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La Bête

18 AUG 2023

A word from the captain

First experience in this role, so it's a bit of work, but very pleasant.  Especially enjoyable, thanks to the exceptional participation of our members (90% at all events) and the magnificent collaboration of our director, Isabelle Leborgne.

Two competitions stand out this month;

The double-elimination match play , which is exciting and gives a 2nd chance despite a defeat.

A round-trip exchange with the Royal Laurentien enabled us to meet some very pleasant golfers.  La Bête is 5-2-1 in team matches.  A very good record, with the advantage of playing at home.  Let's hope we can maintain our lead as visitors to Le Royal at the end of the month.  Thanks to a few members from Le Maître who completed our team.

Richard Deschênes



- Date of event August 31 and September 1

- Registration deadline August 25 at noon by email;

- Medal play format, total of two rounds

- Rules of play: balls are moved only in the fairway and in the areas normally indicated for repairs.

- Cost: $20 payable before first game

 Good luck to all!