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01 SEP 2023


With the end of summer and the gradual arrival of autumn, we are starting some little improvements. With the heat slowly leaving us, we can see the reduction of disease and stress on the course. This also causes a reduction in the grass growth which makes improvement work is always easier to carry out.

We had to put on hold our objectives for the start of aeration to make way for the laying of sod on both courses. At Le Maître, the gold tee box on hole 15 was completely resodded with bentgrass. 

départ_15_1.jpg (4032×3024) départ_15_2.jpg (4032×3024)

 The irrigation repair carried out earlier in the season between the #1 tee and the #3 green, leaving a space without turf, was also sodded. Other areas of the field can be worked with the remaining surplus sod.

Tourbe_13.jpg (4032×3024)

At La Bête, we completed the contouring of the N05 bunkers, added sand and laid sod to finalize this project. In this case as well, other areas of the course will be targeted.

trappe_5.jpg (4032×3024)

Slowly but surely, we're continuing to improve our courses whether it is through landscaping or cultivation practices. This will strengthen our turf and other projects such as advanced tee box.

In the next few days, the team at Le Maître will be installing a new advanced tee box at #12.

More information will follow shortly...


 Upcoming maintenance :

  • Continue laying sod
  • Pruning harmful branches
  • Start of #12 tee planting
  • Aeration of bentgrass areas


Marc-André Doré,