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26 MAY 2023

Le Maître tee block options

Le Maître has 5 colors of tee blocks you can play from, depending on how long you enjoy the golf course. However, you have 9 different possibilities because of the color combinations you can also play (gold-blue, blue-white, white-green and green-red). The tee blocks have been painted according to these options with two colored lines. The top color line corresponds to the 5 basic colors on the scorecard (red, green, white, blue and gold) and the bottom line is two colors, for players who play a combination. The scorecard shows you the 9 most difficult holes on the course with a small downward arrow, so when you play a combo you will be teeing off from the advanced tee on these holes. If there is no arrow, then you play the longest tee (the blues if you play blue-white).

Terte.jpg (3449×2261)

For example, a player who finds the blues too long at 6,524 yards and the whites too short at 6,174 yards will play the blue-whites. He will then play the 9 most difficult holes on the white tee (the 2nd blue-white line).

Don't hesitate to ask one of our starters if you are not sure you understand before you tee off.


Custom golf club fitting days

Journée_fitting.jpg (6000×4000)

COBRA: June 23 - Reserve:

TITLEIST: June 2nd - Click here to reserve

TAYLMORMADE: June 9 - Click here to reserve

CALLAWAY: June 9 - Reserve:

PXG: June 17 - Reserve:

Le Maître Academy

Académie_Le_Maitre.jpg (4000×2667)

Our teachers are Canadian PGA Class "A" professionals.

The rate for a lesson is $100/hour, but each teacher can vary the length of a lesson according to his or her preference.

Just call the golf shop to reserve or email your pro!


Marc-André Girard, Director of Golf/Head Professional (

Available 7 days/week.

  • Private lesson 45 min. with V1Golf video instruction on tablet: $75
  • Private lesson / coaching package (2 x 45 min. lessons + 4 x 15 min. coaching): $225
  • Semi-private lesson 60 min. : 120$

 Girard.jpg (4000×2667)

Pierre Brisebois, teaching professional (

Availability: May 10 to June 25 and August 26 to closing - every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. From June 25 to August 26: all day on weekends and weeknights after 6pm

  • Private lessons (90 minutes) $130.00
  • Package of 3 sessions $360.00
  • Package of 5 sessions $550.00
  • 10 session package $995.00
  • Annual training program and plan $1495.00
  • 90 min. semi-private lessons (2 students) $90.00 per person
  • 2 session package $75.00 per person
  • 3 session package $60.00 per person
  • Juniors 18 and under receive a 50% discount on the lesson rat

Pierre_Brisebois.jpg (4000×2667) 

Jean-Claude Leblanc, teaching professional (

Available Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday

  • Private lesson 60 min: $100
  • Package of 3 lessons: 290$ - 5 lessons: 450
  • Semi-private lesson for 2 people: $60 per student

JC_Leblanc.jpg (2212×2513) 

David Berthiaume, teaching professional (

Available Friday-Saturday-Sunday (some Monday holidays)

  • Private lesson 60 min: $100
  • 30 min and 45 min private lesson also available
  • Semi-private/group lesson (2 to 6 people) 60 min, 75 min and 90 min also available

David_Berthiaume.jpg (2882×2654)